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Wedding Package - Double Happiness

This is not a wedding. This is an adventure. Prepare yourself for a road-trip in a vintage car, a night on a private island (where you’ll get to eat dinner under the stars) and even a chocolate body scrub treatment. And plenty, plenty of crafted souvenirs to remind you of your wedding in Mauritius!

Made With Love

  • A wedding arch draped with a silky cloth and fresh flowers
  • A tastefully-decorated table with a personalised menu, fresh flowers, and lighting
  • Bride's bouquet made with fresh flowers by our favourite florist
  • A music duo will play your favourite tunes during the ceremony
  • Wedding photos last forever. Our famous local photographer will capture all the right shots

We Love Your Love

  • Decorate your own wedding cake with our pastry chef at the SALT Bakery
  • Raise a toast to a life filled with travel, adventure, and happiness
  • Your wedding dinner your way cooked by the chef. You may choose to have it any day
  • Our bartender will recount the story behind our oh-so Mauritian cocktails inspired by the sky over a drink at The Rooftop Bar
  • SALT Bakery pastries and a glass of bubbly on a floating tray in the turquoise sea
  • Your favourite house wine to have with dinner

Sweat Together, Stay Together

  • Unleash your mind with a serenity walk before the wedding as every breath we take every step we make can be filled with joy, peace and serenity
  • Dress, hairstyle and make-up give you the chance to enhance one's best physical features. Our make up artist will assist you on your special day to bring out that beauty in you
  • Enhance your positive vibe with a half an hour meditation in the SALT room
  • "We know that you are going to miss our bath scrub once you leave, at SALT you will not only experience our SALT scrub, we are going to teach you how to do it"
  • Rejuvenate your body to our signature massage with Ylang Ylang oil and chocolate aphrodisiacs body scrub for the newly married couple

Made for the Two of You

  • Chinese tea set with dry dates, nuts and homemade cookies
  • Specially designed postcard sent to family and friends after the wedding
  • Legal and transportation fees*

Little Extras

  • Roadtrip to the red-roof church in Cap Malheureux and explore the area in a Luxury / vintage car
  • Beach lanterns, decorative potted plants, Lounge setup under the stars with a bonfire
  • Nathalie and Sarah, our SaltShakers, have a gift box for you and will happily give you 10% off a take-home gift
  • Feeling grateful? Donate a meal to 75 children in need
  • Feeling grateful? Donate a meal and a gift to 75 children in need

Details & Conditions

The Lux Collective guarantees to have no more than one wedding per day per hotel. Consequently, all packages are only available on request basis and the wedding day must be confirmed by the hotel and The Lux Collective Central Reservation Office.

Legal Documents:
1. Personal information minimum 3 weeks prior to the wedding date:
  • Passport photocopy for both bride and groom.
  • Birth certificate for both bride and groom.
  • Copy of divorce certificate (in case one of the parties has been married before).
2. Couple must arrive to Mauritius three days prior to the wedding date.

Terms and Conditions of above mentioned packages:
  1. Clients will have to provide a voucher specifying “Wedding Package Offer + name of the package” + details mentioned above.
  2. All information mentioned on this document are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. All rates are public rates per package, inclusive of VAT and Government Tax.
  4. Validity: 01.11.2023 – 31.10.2024

All requests must be channelled through:
Central Reservations Office of
The Lux Collective
Pierre Simonet Street
Floréal, Mauritius
Tel: +230 698 22 22 / 698 27 27
Fax: +230 698 42 22

Wedding in Mauritius

Now is the time to throw a wedding with a positive impact. And we don’t mean replace plastic straws with bamboo ones and call it a day. We mean rethinking the event every step of the way so that your wedding can be good for you, and for the planet.

Not sure where to start? To help you out, our wedding planners at SALT of Palmar have curated three wedding packages that live in line with how we believe things should be: Simple, Local, Curious, Human and Transformational.