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Our Story

People – their character, skills, beliefs, passion and humanity ­– that’s what makes Mauritius. And what makes SALT. Meet some of the people who inspired and helped to create SALT of Palmar.

Dave Minten

The brains behind our food tells the story of our locally-sourced ingredients and the way we like to cook.

Mrs Buleeram

Meet Mrs Buleeram. She hand-weaves the brightly-coloured bags the islanders use.


Sega music belongs to Mauritius. One of the artists keeping it alive tells us how instruments are improvised, and songs are inspired.

Raj Reedoy

The proud Mauritian in charge of SALT of Palmar tells us how life is lived on the island.

Camille Walala

Meet Camille, the artist who brought so much colour to SALT of Palmar. Her inspiration was the happiness she found on the island.

Kerensa Langitan

Our wellness guru explains why the island’s Black River area produces the world’s best organic salt and how it is used at SALT of Palmar to heal.